Gaajar ka jalwa

What’s life without a few typos?


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There is a popular school of thought which subscribes to the view that I am a jackass. As is always the case, things taught in schools – even if they exist only in thought – do not turn out to be true. I am the exact opposite of a jack ass. No, not a jenny ass. I was referring to the other opposite. I am Jhakaas. Please control the impulse to corroborate that opinion. It will lead nowhere. Do not take second opinions from people who know me personally. Believe me when I say it. I am like the “Moi Samay hun” chap who used to kick off the proceedings in the Mahabharata. What I say is sacred and true. It is the law. It is all pervading.

I love typos. I love filter coffee. I love tea too. Masala chai to be exact. I love to write multiple paragraph essays with no continuity. I find it orgasmic when there is no flow (double entendre not intended) between the previous paragraph and the subsequent one. Sort of like Subhash Ghai’s style of movie making. I am, as you may have guessed already, an English teacher’s delight. They see me as a challenge. They lose. Always.

I am the epitome of all the good in this world. I am always right. The universe is always wrong. I am humble. I believe that the entire worldly wisdom congregates in the comments section of Rediff’s articles. I am a computer engineer. I do not know Java. I am not ashamed of it. As all fashionable software engineers, I take pleasure in hating my job. I am currently living in Chennai. I also find it pleasurable to digress into the present continous tense now and then. As a not so proud member of the trend savvy IT junta, I find it chic to remain confused about my future. I hate Rajdeep’s Sar-da-size and Durkha’s Butt.

That’s enough about me. Who the hell are you?


Written by gajarkajalwa

February 16, 2009 at 1:53 pm

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  1. awesome intro dude.creativity is overflowing.keep posting and good luck.

    GKJ – Ah Dhang yu. Sarcasm detected but never mind. :-B


    February 17, 2009 at 12:32 pm

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