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Why I want to study further

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So why do I want to leave a cushy job with a company that provides a reasonably fat pay-cheque, challenging work which i conveniently ignore in order to tweet at complete strangers, home pick-up and drop facilities in an A.C. CAB! with …..OMG!….wait for it….. flexi-timing!!, free medical and health insurance for self and dependants (and that includes my father who is working!); to study in a university in the US of A, when the economy is at an all time low, is expected to get worse, neither the internship nor the placement scenario is showing any promise of a job, and …. OMG! …. I might actually have to take some probability and statistics based courses for credits???


Simple. I like living life on the edge. I’m the adventurous type. That, and the results of new studies which show that the male’s brand equity in the matrimonial market is equivalent to that of a sewer rat as long as he’s just a B.E. 😦 


Online studies taken up by up-to-date maamis recently have  also shown that if you’re only a BE, and happen to be associated with the IT industry (eek!!), then your brand equity dips to a new low. It becomes equivalent to that of a lice on the sewer rat’s fur. And it is common knowledge that if there’s anything more unwanted than a dirty sewer rat, it is the lice residing in the dirty sewer rat’s fur. However, high its standards of personal hygiene may be. So if you’re just a BE (and an unmarried male) in the IT industry, God help you!

Investment bankers are currently the ones with the lowest brand equity. Statistics show that no investment banker has managed to score in the matrimonial scene in the last 3 months. Brand equity comparisons are being made with the bacteria dwelling in the rat’s… well, you know what? Let’s not worry about investment bankers. They’ll do fine once the market is back on its feet.


Written by gajarkajalwa

February 25, 2009 at 8:56 pm